What would you like to know?

What is Muffie?

Muffie turns the traditional hand-muff into a fun, quirky relaxation accessory that helps you feel comfy and cosy. So you can use it curled up on the sofa, sitting up in bed, on a long journey, relaxing in the garden, as a pillow, a cosy neck support, to prop up your feet, as well as sliding your hands in – whatever works for you.

How does Muffie help you relax?

It just makes you feel good. We’ve used super-soft fabrics, so when you put your hands inside, you get a sense of comfort and well-being. Some people even use Muffie during meditation or mindfulness sessions, and it can help if you’re trying to kick your digital habit and want to spend less time on your phone.

Who is Muffie for?

Pretty much anyone who likes to snuggle up and get comfy. Feeling cosy, relaxed and contented is what the Danes (one the happiest people on the planet) call hygge (pronounced “hue guh”).

But Muffie helps if you get cold hands?

Absolutely. The idea for Muffie originally came about because Teresa wanted a way to help her father keep his hands warm. So, if you suffer from a condition like Raynaud’s Syndrome then Muffie can help warm up hands and fingers and is gentle on your sensitive skin.

Is Muffie better than gloves for keeping hands warm?

There are times when gloves are great — you can’t throw a snowball with a Muffie very well, for example. But you wouldn’t want to wear them at home. With Muffie, you can easily slip your hand in and out to pick up a drink, change channels or send a text.

Can I use Muffie outside?

You don’t have to use Muffie indoors. For example, you can use it to keep your hands warm sitting in the garden, on a car journey, or while waiting at the airport.

What else can I do with Muffie?

You can use Muffie in whatever way works for you, not just for your hands. You can cuddle it, use it to support your head, neck or back, as a pillow, to prop up your feet, just like you would a cushion. You can have several Muffies around the house so there’s always one to grab when you need it.

What’s Muffie made from?

Muffie is made from ultra-soft fabrics that are often used for baby’s clothes, so you know they’ll feel gentle next to your skin. We’ve also used a special ’bounce back’ filling called Comforel® on the inside, to help Muffie keep its shape even after washing.

Why does Muffie have secret ‘pockets’ inside?

So your hands don’t touch. Skin to skin contact can lead to clammy hands, and that’s not very nice. And if your hands are cold, they’ll warm up faster because they aren’t in direct contact. We’ve made an animation to show you what’s inside a Muffie.

Why do you make Muffie in the UK?

We think it’s important to support UK manufacturing to keep jobs and skills in the country. That’s why we support the Make it British campaign and use British suppliers wherever we can.

Can I buy Muffie from a shop?

Muffie is only sold online through this website.

Is Muffie washable?

Yes. Just take out the insert and wash that separately, following the instructions on the care labels you’ll find inside.

Will the designs stay looking good?

The designs are printed by one of  UK’s leading fabric printers using the highest quality digital inks, so the colours and details should last. However, as with any fabric, repeated washing (or incorrect treatment) will have an impact on long-term appearance.

Get your hands in a Muffie

Muffies make great presents – for you or for anyone who likes to cuddle up and chill out, as well as anyone with cold hands. Check out our lovely fabrics and choose your favourite Muffie here.