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The Indoor Handmuff

Helps warm cold hands

Eases painful fingers and wrists

Soothes Raynaud’s symptoms

Relieves anxiety

Perfect Present


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If you get cold hands, or simply love getting comfy and cosy at the end of a long day, then Muffie’s for you.

There are lots of lovely colours to choose from, making it a beautiful and a practical way to ease chilly hands and help you relax. You simply slide your hands in and out, so it’s easy to pick up a drink, type a message or change channel. It a perfect “hygge” accessory (pronounced “hue guh”), the Danish word for a mood of cosiness and comfort, and the feeling of wellness and contentment.

And if you’re one of the 10 million people in the UK who suffers from Raynaud’s’ Syndrome and your fingers are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature, Muffie can be a great help, and much more practical than wearing gloves in the house.

Muffie’s also great for arthritis sufferers, providing natural pain relief through its gentle warmth and joint support, helping to ease tension and discomfort.

Muffie’s super soft fleecy cover and lining are made from Cuddle fabric, which is often used for baby clothes and is very gentle on sensitive skin. It comes in range of unique designs, as well as a choice of plain colours.

Inside every Muffie are two ‘secret’ pockets that keep your hands separate and help prevent skin-on-skin clamminess. They also help your hands to warm up faster when they’re cold.

The specially shaped removable insert is like a top of the range pillow, covered with breathable Coolmax® fabric and stuffed with a ‘bounce back’ filling called Comforel®, so your Muffie keeps its shape as long as possible, even after washing.

A zip in the outer cover lets you take out the insert, so you can wash and dry both parts separately, using gentle washing machine and tumble-drier settings.

Long-distance journey? Chilly evening in the garden? Afternoon power-nap? There are lots of ways to enjoy your Muffie. You can hug it, use it as a pillow or back support, rest your feet on it, or just slip your hands in for extra cosiness when you need to relax.