Muffie People

Who’s had a hand in Muffie?

Muffie is such a fun, quirky British product, we knew we couldn’t make it anywhere else but here in the UK. And, as supporters of the Make it British campaign, we want to play our small part in supporting UK manufacturers, meaning that every Muffie has a point and purpose beyond simply being a lovely, practical accessory.

Giving something back

Because Muffie is a ‘feel good’ product in every way, and wants to make the world a slightly nicer place, we’ve chosen to work with suppliers who give something back, like Haven and BeYonder.

Haven is an award-winning social enterprise firm that trains and employs disabled people. They make Muffies at their workshop in Larbert, Scotland. Their enthusiastic staff and up to the minute sewing equipment mean that each Muffie isn’t just well made, but has heart and soul.

Glasgow-based BeYonder are great at helping businesses develop new products and they really helped us put the finishing touches to Muffie. They support school, community and industry initiatives and offer training and opportunities to disadvantaged groups — just a few of the reasons we like them.

Our gorgeous prints

Then there’s The Silk Bureau in Evesham. These guys are one of the country’s leading digital textile printing company and it’s thanks to their expertise that every Muffie pattern looks so fantastic. We want Muffie to look as good as it feels, and they help us achieve that. You can see the process they use to print our fabric in the video below.

Fluffy as a cloud

We also love the fab people at dùsal who make Muffie’s fluffy insert. They’re super-helpful and have been on a long journey with us as Muffie’s grown from a vague idea to a lovely, practical and fun accessory that makes people a tiny bit happier each day.

If you go to Muffie Magic, you’ll get a much better idea of all the work, care and attention that goes into making each and every Muffie.

Don’t miss out. When you see a pattern you love, grab it, because it may not be there much longer.

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