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This is my Dad, John. He served as a soldier in World War 2. This photo was taken the day he finally got the war medals he’d waited for so long. Seeing him so proud and so moved was a very emotional moment for me and the whole family.

It’s because of my Dad that Muffie came about.

As he became older and less mobile, he struggled to stay warm. I tried to find him a fleecy handmuff to keep his hands warm when he was snuggled up in his armchair. If your hands are warm, the rest of you stays warmer too. But I just couldn’t find the right thing, and Dad never got his comfy handwarmer.

Muffie’s ‘secret’

From the start we set out to make Muffie the best it could be, hunting down the perfect materials, finding the softest fabrics, choosing the loveliest patterns, and always improving the design.

One key development was to create two ‘secret’ inside pockets, one for each hand, to help prevent your hands getting clammy from touching for too long. And if your hands are cold, they’ll warm up faster if they’re not touching.

It’s more than just a handwarmer

After some early “experimental” models, it became clear that Muffie was more than just a practical handwarmer.  Everyone who tried it said how lovely and relaxing it feels to have your hands wrapped in Muffie’s super-soft fabric. So Muffie has evolved into a great relaxation aid, a ‘stress buster’ that also happens to keep your hands beautifully warm.

Feeling warm and cosy isn’t just comfortable, it’s also reassuring, and that helps you to relax. Muffie is a lovely, tactile thing, super-squashy and super-comfy, lined with a butter-soft fleecy fabric.

Muffie fabrics change regularly, so when you see a pattern you love, grab it, because it may not be there next time.