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Round In Circles


Sound familiar? Echoes of your day? Soothe the frustration with a lovely Muffie in gorgeous shades of luxurious gold, turquoise and deep pink. Order and symmetry replace randomness and chaos in this exotic design, reminiscent of the mystery and romance of Arabian tales. Who knows what the night will bring?

“It’s soft and snuggly and I love it. Everyone should have one for when they’re feeling a bit fed up or sad or tired or stressed.”

  • Made from super soft ‘Cuddle’ fabric that’s gentle on sensitive skin
  • Wraps around your hands for warmth, comfort and relaxation
  • ‘Secret’ inner pockets keep hands separate and help prevent clamminess
  • Comforel® insulation helps hands to warm faster
  • Coolmax® fabric lets skin breathe
  • Removable outer cover for easy washing
  • High-quality digital printing so designs stay sharp longer
  • Can be used as a travel pillow, back support or headrest
  • 28-day money back guarantee


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