Esme’s story

Muffie — soothes painful fingers, wrists and joints

If you suffer from painful or sensitive hands we think you’ll love Muffie because of the gentle way it wraps around your hands to bring a feeling of comfort, warmth and support. So it’s particularly effective if you get cold fingers and hands because of poor circulation or have a condition like Raynaud’s syndrome. Muffie is also ideal if you have arthritis or another condition that makes your fingers, wrists and joints painful, like Esme, who works in the fashion industry. Here’s how it helps her.

The Muffie Esme picked – Fly Me To The Moon

Esme’s Story

“I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome about 25 years ago and on top that, I also suffer from arthritis. So I get a lot of pain in my fingers and the joints of both hands. I can actually feel the bones moving in the joints and the crystals cracking, particularly my index and middle fingers. My wrists also get very stiff.

I regularly take pain killers and have to make an effort to straighten my fingers and exercise my wrists throughout the day. I also have to allow my arms to drop down several times a day until the feeling comes back to my hands – I always think it’s like the tingling you get when your mouth comes back to life after you’ve had an injection at the dentist.

But when I put my hands in a Muffie, the warmth and comfort is almost instantaneous, and I love the fact it goes up your arm and covers your wrists as well. The sensation you get as soon as your hands touch the softness of the fabric is absolutely lovely. To me it feels like chenille. I pop my hands in at every opportunity, but especially after dinner in the evenings when I’m on the sofa watching TV. That’s often when the pain really kicks in and Muffie is a big help.

I chose Fly Me To The Moon because I love anything to do with cosmology. And I’ve got a bit of a thing for Brian Cox.”

Which Muffie’s for you?

If you suffer pain or discomfort in your hands from a condition like arthritis, Muffie could offer some much-needed comfort. So, check out our great range of patterns and choose the one you love.