Annabel’s story

Muffie – eases anxiety and helps you relax

Most people on the autistic spectrum report some degree of sensory over-sensitivity, whether it’s to light, sound, touch, or the feel of certain fabrics against their skin.  Not only is Muffie super-soft on skin, but it also provides a comforting and reassuring feeling of “enclosure” through the gentle pressure created by its cloud-soft filling. Annabel has “lived” in hers since she discovered Muffie, and here she describes how it helps her.

Every Muffie’s filled with a really soft bouncy material that creates a gentle pressure on the hands, ideal for when you need to relax.

Annabel’s story

“I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome almost ten years ago at the age of 12, and a major aspect of this is sensory “over-sensitivity.

When it comes to things like clothing and soft furnishings, I often have a hard time finding items which are suitable, making internet shopping particularly difficult. Sharp labels, rough seams and the itchiness of certain fabrics are just some of the things which, while largely unnoticeable to others, can prove problematic for many people who happen to be somewhere on the autistic spectrum.

The great thing about Muffie is that it has absolutely no uncomfortable features, meaning that you can confidently order a Muffie without needing to feel it first. Muffies are lovely to hug, and, when used as a handmuff, place a gentle, reassuring pressure on your hands. Pressure is something many people on the spectrum respond positively to; one thing I do to combat anxiety is to squeeze the tips of my fingers! Pressure blankets are known to ease anxiety and aid relaxation, so you can think of it as a mini-pressure blanket that you can carry around with you for instant comfort and relaxation.

With all of these things combined, using a Muffie is a great way to relax in almost any environment without drawing attention to yourself, a notion that I believe countless other ‘special’ people would welcome.”

Which Muffie will you choose?

Because every Muffie is made from super-soft fabric and has a squidgy filling that exerts a reassuring pressure on your hands, it’s perfect if you’re like Annabel and need a gentle way to relax.