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Muffie really helps if you suffer from cold hands and fingers, as lots of people do. So it’s ideal for anyone with Raynaud’s Syndrome or a similar condition that affects your circulation, like journalist Amanda, who has low blood pressure and finds Muffie really helps to keep her hands warm and comfortable.

“I suffer from low blood pressure and therefore poor circulation, so my hands are always cold. Muffie feels super snuggly and the lovely surprise is that it isn’t just a tube, it has two separate pockets, one for each hand, so your hands don’t actually touch and they warm up faster. And because the pockets are so deep, my wrists are completely covered, which also really helps.

My mum’s a great fan as well. She has hand arthritis, and Muffie really eases her aches and pains and is very comforting when she’s relaxing in the evening.

The pillow inside is springy and bouncy, so Muffie also makes a fantastic pillow, ideal for travelling. I get cold on planes and trains so for me Muffie is an all-round perfect travelling companion that keeps you warm and tuns easily into a pillow when you need a snooze!”

Try Muffie and see what you think. Whether you suffer from persistently cold hands and fingers, have a condition like arthritis or just like getting cosy at the end of the day, Muffie could be the answer.

Take a look through the fab range of Muffie colourways and find the right one for you.

“The first time I saw my Flying Colours Muffie,the bright colours and design made me smile and really lifted my spirits, and they still do, especially when it’s grey outside. The website describes the fabric as butter-soft and I wholeheartedly agree, it’s like a mixture of fleece and velvet with a slight sheen.”