Muffie features in Saga Magazine article on ways to relax while travelling

The piece suggested that traditional travel pillows can be too thin and that travellers should get a Muffie instead because it can serve as a pillow, neck support and a comfy way to rest your head on your arms.

Six ways to relax on a flight

For some, flying is the worst part of travelling abroad. Many of us wish we could skip the uncomfortable stressful hours in the sky and be transported magically to our destination. You could try to make the experience more comfortable by upgrading your seat, but for most of us that’s not an option, so here are a few simple suggestions to help you relax during your flight: 

Download your favourite box set

Whether you’re on a short, medium or long-haul flight, you should be able to cram at least an episode or two of your current boxset into the flight time. Downloading them to your laptop or tablet will also give you plenty of entertainment for when you’re relaxing by the pool.

Load up on books and e-books

If you’re able to lose yourself in the pages of a good book, the flight will go by in the blink of an eye. You’ll look down after take-off and before you know it it’ll be time to put your seatbelt on again and prepare to land. Whether you prefer to flick through the pages of a paperback, or keep your books stored on your phone or tablet, take a few books with you to ensure you have plenty of variety to suit every holiday mood.

Drink responsibly

Decreased pressure in the cabin during a flight diminishes the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, which means the effects of alcohol are felt much quicker than normal. With this in mind, it’s best to limit the amount of alcohol you drink during a flight so as not to inadvertently overdo it. 

Cosy up

Home comforts can help on your journey to relaxation. Wear comfy clothes and don’t forget to pack slippers or fluffy socks if you’re on a longer flight. On long-haul trips, you may be given a ‘comfort item’ such as a blanket. That may be OK, but often the travel pillows you get are too thin, which is why should consider getting a Muffie. It’s a hand muff that doubles up as a travel pillow, which you can either tuck behind your head or put your hands inside and rest your head very comfortably on it.

An early traveller is a calmer one

To maximise in-flight relaxation, try to avoid getting caught up in a last minute rush at the airport. If you allow more than enough time between arriving at the airport and boarding the flight, you will be well on your way to a relaxed start to your holiday. 

Plug in and tune out

It’s often preferable not to have to listen to what’s going on around you. You may want to minimise the noise of the plane or your fellow passengers by putting on your earphones and listening to your favourite playlist. On many medium- and all long-haul flights you also get plenty of in-flight entertainment to dive into, from music and movies to games. Simply plug in your headphones and you’re away.

People relax in many ways, and it’s no different on a plane. Hopefully, these suggestions will contribute to a more comfortable flight in future. However, if you are a particularly nervous flyer, it may be a good idea to tell the flight attendants, so they can keep an eye on you and offer any necessary reassurance during the flight.