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Handwarmer firm aims to warm up 2019

A business that makes brightly-coloured hand muffs in Scotland is looking to develop customised products with the likes of tourism organisations as it seeks to become a household name.

Muffie came about after the father of its founder Teresa Gwilt struggled to keep warm as he got older – and she spotted a gap in the market. However, its appeal has broadened for its comforting and relaxing properties, and it can be used as, say, a headrest or a pillow.

Despite being based near the Welsh border, it has a longstanding “connection with and love for Scotland”, working with Glenrothes-based UK luxury bedding manufacturer and supplier Dusal.

“Muffies” are made in Larbert by social enterprise Haven, while Glasgow-based BeYonder, which offers training and opportunities to disadvantaged groups, has helped put the finishing touches to the product, and the firm has also teamed up with Just Sew in Calder.

“From a very basic idea, we’ve ended up with a really interesting, fun, feelgood product,” says Gwilt, who is seeking out partnerships with, say, charities as well as tourist organisations to create branded offerings.

“We feel it’s a very quirky British product that would really appeal to the tourist industry,” she states, also spying potential from the likes of the estimated 10 million people in UK with Raynaud’s, which can cause cold hands, and those with other circulation problems.

“It has a lot of potential,” says Gwilt.MeasureMeasure